The cloud POS management system that will help your business grow.

If you're serving food or beverages, Spotlight will help you run your business smoothly and shine a light at the most complex and opaque parts of it.

  • A complete suite of services

    Everything you need to run your business, in one neat package.

  • 360° view of your business

    Powerful insights into your costs, revenue streams & profitability.

  • Simple & transparent pricing

    No hidden tricks: clear pricing that includes all features.


Spotlight helps hundreds of business around the world run smoothly every day.
So far, this is what Spotlight has accomplished:

  • 12,437,252

    Orders handled

  • 26,832,502

    Guests served

  • 40,709,788

    Products sold

Global presence

Spotlight has been presented worldwide in leading conferences & events.

  • Consumer Electonics Show Consumer Electonics Show
    Las Vegas, 8-11 January 2019
  • South By Southwest Interactive South By Southwest Interactive
    Austin, 8-17 March 2019
  • Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress
    Barcelona, 25-28 February 2019

The Spotlight tools

Spotlight offers a comprehensive suite of tools you can trust to run your business on. We believe we're offering a different approach to other POS systems in that everything is included in the price you pay.

  • Point of sale

    Taking orders & sending them for preparation, printing receipts, charging cards, all of the usual POS business.

  • Sales analytics

    The tools to create as generic or specific reports as you want, and shine a light on all your business' aspects.

  • Profit & loss analysis

    Gain insight into your profitability by drilling down into obscure details such as ingredient pricing and employee discounts.

  • Warehouse management

    Make daily stock-keeping quick and easy, safeguarding against theft and managing your warehouse effectively.

  • Customer order menu

    Show your menu on digital devices at the store entrance or on your customers' tables. Update it at the touch of a button.

  • Delivery & e-ordering

    Manage deliveries and e-ordering easily in the same system, while providing a mobile e-ordering solution for your customers.

  • Ticketing

    Explore new types of events at your venue by having the most complex part of the business, ticket issuing and management, taken care of.

  • Reservation management

    Manage reservations easily and efficiently by using the same system that runs your entire business seamlessly.

Who is Spotlight for?

If you're serving food or beverages, Spotlight will probably serve you well. We've built it specifically to cover the complex, varying needs of that industry. The following are some more specific business types that we think Spotlight is excellent for:

  • Full service stores

    Shops that work throughout the day offering all kinds of services, making it difficult to have a total view of the business.

  • Cafés

    Managing a café can quickly become complex if you offer a mixture of food & beverages and maybe do delivery as well.

  • Bars & clubs

    Establishments that work during the night have more complex needs in monitoring alcohol consumption & discounts.

  • Restaurants

    Restaurants are more demanding on the kitchen side as well as on the service side and can offer delivery servicesas well.

  • Concerts & festivals

    Ticketing, access control and e-payments come into play here, as well as running a full bar and sometimes offering food.

  • Quick service stores

    These stores place a focus on speed and features like delivery & e-ordering making it harder to keep track of things.

Unique features

Why will Spotlight be a better system for you? It's all in the details, all those thoughtfully executed features that will make running your business more productive and enjoyable everyday for you and your staff.

How can we be so sure?
Because we started out running stores very similar to yours: we made Spotlight to scratch our own itch and empower our family businesses to grow and thrive.

  • Cloud powered

    Remote business oversight and management, unlimited data storage, plus less clutter in store. The only things taking up space are printers and access points.

  • Native iOS

    Great performance and reliability on Apple’s iPod® Touch, iPhone® & iPad® devices, with their sensible screen sizes, stable & secure operating system and great battery life.

  • Reliable offline

    Guaranteed uninterrupted ability to perform with or without a stable internet connection in-store. Spotlight makes sure that your customers are being served 24/7.

  • Software as a Service

    No upfront costs, no annual contracts or licenses to pay. The subscription model respects your business flow and allows adjustments according to your needs.

  • Manage staff

    The staff may change more often than the menu, but that's no problem. Add unique staff accounts as you need them and enjoy security & data integrity.

  • Easy orders

    Orders are being taken quickly and intuitively with only a few taps, while even the most peculiar ones become fun for your staff to deliver, with accuracy and ease.

  • Simple modifications

    Product modifiers support details such as specific glass type preferences, sugar types, ways of cooking etc. If your customers can name it, your staff is ready to serve it.

  • Multiple printing

    No matter how busy it gets, no matter how many bartenders or cooks are preparing the goods for your customers, unlimited printing destinations can make it possible.

  • Menu configuration

    Your menu is a living organism. You can adjust your offering as often as you like: just modify products & prices and press sync. All devices will be updated in seconds.

  • Table layout

    During busy shifts everything is shaped around your customers' needs. Moving tables around and customizing floor plans & sections is as easy as a tap and a slide.

  • Empower or restrict

    Create new accounts in an instant for each employee, customize their roles and privileges -security and operational settings- and have them taking orders in a heart beat.

  • Device setup

    Choose your printer set up, sync and print orders at your bar, counter, kitchen or anywhere else your workload or your store's configuration demands.

  • Revenue analysis

    Your Spotlight account allows you to have your eyes on the money, running reports, reviewing daily and hourly sales. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

  • Sales

    You'll always know your best selling products, best performing tables, employees, hours of the day and days of the week, with real time as well as scheduled reports.

  • Discounts

    In this industry, your sales figures alone aren't the whole story. Spotlight allows you to know and manage hidden costs like discounts that may affect your bottom line.

  • Shifts

    Enjoy live overview of who's working when and where, with reports on hours worked and tips earned, precise payroll costs, as well as sales performance figures.

  • Delivery

    Spotlight allows you to deliver to your customers at work or at home without any add-ons or extra costs. Customer details and order history are at your fingertips.

  • Order on-the-go

    E-ordering for delivery or for picking up your own order is now easy for your customers and for your store with our companion app Spotfolio, at no extra cost.

  • Ticketing

    Are you organizing live events, plays or festivals at your venue? Seamlessly add ticketing & e-ticketing capability using the same POS system that powers your store.


  • Start out small

    Βasic plan
    1 user license
    • Access to all features & updates
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Create unlimited employee accounts at no extra charge
    Book a demo
  • Grow & expand

    +  10/month
    +1 user license
    +  20/month
    +3 user licenses
    • Expand whenever needed by adding license packs based on your specific staff & needs
  • Multi-store

    Price depends
    on stores & users
    • Access to multi-store dashbord
    • Analytics shown collectively & per store
    • Transfer licences and devices between different stores
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What is a user license?

SpotlightPOS's pricing is based on the concept of user licenses so it can adapt to the needs of differnt stores easily. Every store can create an unlimited number of users, but the number of user licenses needed depends on the number of users that need simultaneous access to SpotlightPOS.


  • A restaurant with 18 servers (6 per shift) of which only one is taking orders and 1 (per shift) is a cashier (1 per shift) that also handles delivery orders will need: 18 user accounts, but only 2 user licenses
  • A café with 4 servers that works with a centralised register/orderder desk, so only one person is taking orders both for in-house and for delivery orders will need: 5 user accounts, but only 1 user license

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